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Epilator Price in Pakistan

Epilator Price in Pakistan

In recent years, the demand for epilators in Pakistan has surged, owing to their efficiency, convenience, and long-term cost-effectiveness compared to traditional hair removal methods. As the market expands, so does the variety of epilators available, each boasting different features and price points. If you’re in Pakistan and considering purchasing an epilator, navigating through the options can be overwhelming. Fear not, as this guide aims to shed light on everything you need to know about epilator prices in Pakistan, helping you make an informed decision.

Epilator Price in Pakistan

Before delving into prices, it’s crucial to understand what epilators are and how they work. Epilators are electronic devices designed to remove unwanted body hair by grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out from the root. They offer a longer-lasting solution compared to shaving, as they can keep hair at bay for up to four weeks. Additionally, regular use of epilators can lead to finer regrowth over time.

Factors Influencing Epilator Prices:

  • Brand: Established brands often come with a higher price tag due to their reputation for quality and reliability. Brands like Braun, Philips, and Panasonic are popular choices in Pakistan, offering a range of models catering to different needs and budgets.
  • Features: Epilators come with various features such as wet and dry functionality, cordless operation, multiple speed settings, and interchangeable heads for different body parts. The more features an epilator offers, the higher its price tends to be.
  • Attachments: Many epilators come with additional attachments such as massage rollers, exfoliation brushes, and precision caps for targeting smaller areas. These attachments enhance the versatility of the device but may also contribute to a higher price.
  • Technology: Advanced technologies such as micro-grip tweezers, SensoSmart™ sensors, and pivoting heads contribute to a more efficient and comfortable epilating experience. Epilators equipped with such technologies often come at a premium.
  • Accessories: Some epilators come with accessories like travel pouches, cleaning brushes, and cooling gloves, adding value to the overall package but also affecting the price.

Epilator Price Range in Pakistan:

Epilator prices in Pakistan can vary widely depending on the factors mentioned above. Entry-level epilators with basic features may start from as low as PKR 2,000, offering a budget-friendly option for those new to epilation or with simple hair removal needs. On the other end of the spectrum, high-end epilators equipped with advanced features and attachments can cost upwards of PKR 20,000 or more.

Popular Epilator Models and Their Prices:

  • Braun Silk-épil 3: This entry-level epilator is perfect for beginners and comes with a budget-friendly price tag of around PKR 4,000. It offers basic features like two-speed settings and efficiency caps for gentle epilation.
  • Philips Satinelle Essential: Priced at approximately PKR 6,000, this mid-range epilator offers a comfortable epilating experience with its gentle tweezing discs and ergonomic design. It also features a washable head for easy cleaning.
  • Braun Silk-épil 9: At the higher end of the price spectrum, the Braun Silk-épil 9 is priced around PKR 18,000. It boasts advanced features such as SensoSmart™ technology, which guides epilation with optimal pressure, and a wider head for faster results.

Tips for Choosing the Right Epilator:

  • Consider Your Needs: Assess your hair removal needs and preferences to determine the features you require in an epilator. If you have sensitive skin, look for models with massage rollers or cooling gloves for added comfort.
  • Read Reviews: Before making a purchase, read reviews from other users to gauge the performance and reliability of the epilator you’re interested in. Pay attention to feedback regarding pain levels, effectiveness, and durability.
  • Compare Prices: Don’t settle for the first epilator you come across. Take the time to compare prices across different brands and models to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.
  • Check Warranty: Look for epilators that come with a warranty, as this provides added protection against defects and malfunctions. Most reputable brands offer a warranty of at least one year.


What is an epilator, and how does it work?

An epilator is an electronic device used for hair removal. It operates by grasping multiple hairs simultaneously and pulling them out from the root. Epilators typically have rotating discs or tweezers that catch and remove hair as they move across the skin. This process results in smooth skin that lasts longer compared to shaving.

Are epilators suitable for all skin types?

Epilators are generally suitable for all skin types, but individuals with sensitive skin may experience some discomfort during the hair removal process. It’s advisable to test the epilator on a small area of the skin before using it on larger areas to gauge sensitivity. Additionally, using an epilator on clean, dry skin can help minimize irritation.

What factors should I consider when choosing an epilator?

When selecting an epilator, consider factors such as the number of tweezers or discs, speed settings, corded or cordless operation, and additional features like built-in lights or massaging rollers. Opt for an epilator that suits your hair removal needs and preferences, whether you prioritize speed, precision, or gentleness on the skin.

How much does an epilator cost in Pakistan?

Epilator prices in Pakistan vary depending on factors such as brand, model, and features. Entry-level epilators may start at around PKR 2,000 to PKR 5,000, while high-end models with advanced features can range from PKR 8,000 to PKR 15,000 or more. Consider your budget and desired features when comparing prices and choosing the right epilator for you.

Are there any additional costs associated with using an epilator?

Aside from the initial purchase cost of the epilator, there may be additional expenses such as replacement heads or attachments, cleaning supplies, and rechargeable batteries if the epilator is cordless. These ongoing costs should be factored into your budget when considering the overall affordability of using an epilator for hair removal.

How often do I need to replace the epilator head?

The frequency of replacing the epilator head depends on usage and maintenance. Over time, the tweezers or discs on the epilator head may become dull or worn out, reducing the effectiveness of hair removal. It’s recommended to replace the epilator head every 1 to 2 years, or sooner if you notice a decline in performance.

Can I use an epilator on sensitive areas like the bikini line or face?

Yes, many epilators come with attachments specifically designed for use on sensitive areas such as the bikini line and face. These attachments typically have narrower heads or additional features to ensure gentler hair removal in delicate areas. However, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use caution when epilating sensitive areas to minimize discomfort or irritation.

Are there any tips for maximizing the effectiveness of an epilator?

To maximize the effectiveness of your epilator, exfoliate your skin before use to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs. Hold the epilator at a 90-degree angle to the skin and move it against the direction of hair growth for optimal results. Additionally, moisturize your skin regularly to keep it soft and hydrated, which can help reduce discomfort during epilation and promote smoother results.

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